a little about me


My name is Terri Churchill, and I’m just trying to live an artful life. You can come along if you don’t mind a really messy room. And you’ll probably walk away covered in paint.

I am married to the greatest guy. Seriously. Everyone agrees with me on this.


And my two sons. Oh my. So great. They’re both married to girls that I love. And the grandkids. How did I get so lucky? I have two grandsons who have me wrapped around their little fingers. And I have a little granddaughter on the way. Yay! So there’s that.



I also have a doggie in his twilight years so if you catch me yelling at him it’s only because he’s pretty much deaf.


I live in Saint Paul and work from home for a non-profit called ReKnew. I’m their web content editor. I also volunteer quite a bit at a little church called Third Way. What a bunch of wonderful, curious, kind-hearted and passionate people.

And then there’s the art.

People generally considered me an artist when I was young, but as I raised my family, art took a back seat. Actually it was tied up in the trunk. Here I am in my 50’s and coming back to creativity in ways I’ve never experienced before. I’m jumping in with both feet and releasing the prisoner from the trunk. It’s about time.

I have an artist page on Facebook and an Instagram account. I even have a Twitter account. Go ahead. Cyberstalk me. But I go through long stretches where you might suspect that I’ve been kidnapped or something equally terrible. Probably I’ve just gotten busy with other things.

2 comments on “a little about me
  1. Cheryle says:

    Beautiful work, love the color and energy.

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