it is finished

I am filled with so much gratitude and excitement. My art show opening was everything I could hope for. So many of my friends came out to support me. It has made me realize how truly loved and blessed I am. And it has given birth to dreams that I have never dared dream before. I’m dreaming of a life filled with art and wondering what the next steps are for me.

And you helped create this loveliness.

If you’re reading this right now, you are significant to me. Thank you for caring enough to show up and follow along on this path I find myself traveling.

So here are some pics that my wonderful friend snapped during the show. Thank you Marcia for being a constant voice of encouragement for me. I have so many friends like that. People who have believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. These are just a few of those friends.

The show runs through June 28 if you didn’t get a chance to join me on Thursday.

***I forgot to mention that one of the highlights for me was that one of my online acquaintances made it to the opening and brought a friend with her. Thank you Anna! It was so lovely to make this connection from my virtual spaces.


Nate shared what he saw in one of my paintings. I love when that happens.


Patricia purchased the painting behind us. She’s a great cheerleader.


My husband Dave who put up with all the pre-show craziness, and my son Danny with his lovely wife Amanda.


Julie helped me get ready and cheered me on.


Brian runs the salon that hosted the show. He changed my life and always makes me laugh.


Brooke, Amy and Rachel.


Shelley purchased one of my first paintings ever and helped me to see what was possible.

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10 comments on “it is finished
  1. SO HAPPY for you, T! I see your work at the M.C. every day and I think that painting you gave Paige for graduation is seriously one of the most gorgeous paintings ever. I am glad you are getting to share your talent on a larger scale. I am hoping to buy something when I am there in early July for a few days. Love you!

  2. So so beautiful for you, and for the world. Congratulations. I shed tears of joy & empathy for you when I read your post. Marvelous.πŸ’—

    • Thank you so much Jaybird. You’re one of those people that I would love to meet in person someday. I feel like we are walking the same path, taking the same classes, finding our way. Thank you for always taking the time to let me know that you’re here.

  3. lucy says:

    Oh Terri you so deserve this! Your work is amazing and I am proud to have one of your pieces hanging in my home. Wish I could have come to the show!

    • Lucy, I feel confident that we will meet someday. And I will squeeze you so tight. You inspire me like mad. Thank you for being here. And I feel the same way about the art of yours hanging in my home. I just adore it.

  4. Hey Terri! I am so sorry I couldn’t make it. I was going to try to do so. I am SO delighted to hear it went so well. Being an Artist is a bit tricky, you really are putting yourself out there hoping what you create will move people. Clearly you are touching people with your creations. Those photos are filled with joy, as are your paintings. Congratulations to you, and all the best on your future endeavors!!!
    Jolie Raimondo

    • Jolie, we’ll connect soon for sure. It’s just not right that we live so close and haven’t connected yet. It will happen soon. Thanks for the encouragement. Have you ever read Flying Lessons by Kelly Rae Roberts? It’s this sweet little book designed to encourage and equip artists who are considering an art business. Anyway, she directs you at several points to look around at who inspires you and who has passion? I think of you. You make me believe that an artful life is actually possible. πŸ™‚

  5. Caro says:

    So heartening and beautiful to read your post…congratulation on this wonderful achievement! very pleased for you Terri!!!

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