sneak peek

I set up for the art show two weeks from tomorrow and the show opens two weeks from Thursday.

I wonder if I have ever been so consumed.

Every day I’m learning something new and exploring territory that is unfamiliar. This is deeply good, but also exhausting in ways that are difficult to describe. If you looked at the art I produced prior to the last two weeks you wouldn’t be able to identify the new pieces I’ve painted as mine. I’m not sure how to account for this. But I’m very happy with what I have been able to crank out in such a short amount of time.

My house looks a little like it’s been ransacked. I haven’t been paying much attention to what I’m eating or what I’m wearing. I’m always a tiny bit disoriented. This is the fallout of intense creativity. And I’m so tired. Really so tired. But I can’t quite sleep well. My dreams are saturated with color and faces and texture. My heart is constantly thumping from a stream of adrenaline that never seems to subside.

I’m acutely aware that the chance I’ve been given is a gift that is radically unprecedented and I don’t want to squander it.

So here’s a peek at what’s in store. The opening is 5-7 on April 16th at FiveTwoSix Salon on Selby Avenue and runs through the end of June.

11059332_10153224563372022_2387754720189617153_n 11072004_10153228971167022_3382542507789194360_n 11080695_10153232760062022_6393404353497388924_o IMG_6478 IMG_6490_2 sarah IMG_6500

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2 comments on “sneak peek
  1. Wishing you well Terri! Your work is incredible, I hope to see it in the flesh one day.🌷

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