of new meds and swollen faces and a full house and doing it anyway

One would almost think that the universe listens for resolutions and then unleashes chaos to thwart said resolutions.

Last monday I resolved to produce a piece of art every week. I went to work on a large piece thinking to myself,

I’ve got plenty of time to work on this. No problem.

Ha! That’s the last time I throw out a dare like that to the forces of evil. No sooner did I start to feel smug, when suddenly my life slipped completely out of my control. It began gradually. I started a new medication to try to manage my headaches that made me feel, well, icky and weird. Then my husband developed a tooth infection and began to slide downhill quick. In the midst of this, my daughter-in-law flew to California to be with her sister gave birth to her first baby, which meant that my son and two grandchildren moved in with us for the next week or so. By Friday night, Dave’s face looked like this:


After a trip to the ER, an emergency trip to the dentist, no fewer than three antibiotic changes, and the possibility of a hospital admission, he is finally doing better. But let me tell you, I’ve not had a ton of time for art.

But I’m not giving up so easily.

I decided to sit down and make this little card for a friend.


It’s not much, but it’s not nothing. And I feel good that I didn’t give in to the forces of evil that go around trying to kill art-making. Ha ha.

I’ll leave you with a 6 second video of my grandkids so you can see what I’m up against. They are way too cute. I’m toast.

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2 comments on “of new meds and swollen faces and a full house and doing it anyway
  1. Tarah Fulk says:

    Could your older Grandson look any more like Joe??!! Wow,Its his little Clone !

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