be every color

I thought it might be fun to post another set of progressions so you can see a bit of my process. Honestly, this painting was SO MUCH FUN! So here’s a few of the stages that got me where I ended up:


The large canvas on the right gives you a really good idea of where I was before I started to refine it a bit. My painting process is very intuitive so I don’t usually start out knowing what I’m going to paint. I just start making marks until something starts to take shape in my mind. This can be a scary process but I’ve come to love it.


I thought I was done when I got to this stage. In fact, I posted it as a finished piece. But the more I sat with it, there were a few things that really started to bug me. For instance, the chevron pattern over her nose that extends down to her lips started to hit me like a Hitler mustache. Bug. Also, I felt like her face was a bit too chaotic. I loved that at first, but I felt the need to tone her down and deepen the colors a bit.


This is the finished piece (as of this morning…you just never know.) I’m feeling pretty satisfied with her. In fact, I may end up keeping this one.

I was ill at the beginning of this week and I’ve fallen pretty far behind in the Art 101 challenge. But for some reason, I’m not panicking and I don’t feel the need to adjust my goal. That’s fairly significant for me. I’m absolutely loving all the art I’m seeing and producing. So we’ll just see where this takes me.

Thanks for following along.

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9 comments on “be every color
  1. Great post Terri! I love the painting and enjoyed your description of how she came to be.

  2. Christianne says:

    Beautiful. I just love her.

    Can I please commission you to do the artwork for the Way of the Heart??? I am trying to figure out ways to lure you back. 🙂

    • Haha! You’re so sweet! I’m still not feeling like I’m there yet, but who knows? Maybe if you still haven’t found an artist down the road we can revisit it. Love you dear.

      • Christianne says:

        The interesting thing is the priorities for what is to be my current work has shifted too, so the Way of the Heart project is currently on hold. I guess we will have a chance to see where we both are once the time does come. 🙂

  3. I guess we’ll see! By the way, I love the work you’ve been moving toward lately. Really exciting!

  4. I don’t think we need to make up for sick days. The goal is to celebrate life and enjoy making art so I am glad you are well! Have fun!

    • Thanks for that Cheryl. The thing is, I don’t feel pressured to make anything up OR modify my goal. I’m usually kind of an either/or girl so it’s kind of nice to just be where I am and do my best. 🙂

  5. Love hearing about your process Terri! She is very beautiful and inspires me.

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