my new tribe

If you take a gander at my sidebar you’ll see a list of the women who are participating in the Art 101: Artists Supporting Artists challenge with me. You should seriously drop what you’re doing this instant (or after you read this blog) and check out their work. I’m really honored to be interacting with artists of this caliber. It feels like a new tribe, like I’ll be interacting with these women for the rest of my life. We’re gonna be rich and famous for sure. 😉

So here’s a piece that I finished yesterday.


fear not


I’m getting into a groove here, and it feels pretty good. I have the sense that I’m meant to be doing this. And I’m discovering new things all the time. Take this unfinished piece for example:


I just love the way this is coming along, and I’ve never really done anything that looks like this before. I sort of stumbled onto it by experimenting. Discovery is one of my very favorite things.

So let’s see where this goes.


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9 comments on “my new tribe
  1. Expressatory says:

    I love your work Terri! Excited to be in your TRIBE!

  2. Thanks so much Terri! I love our Tribe!

  3. Rita Seed says:

    Thank you for being a member of The Artful Tribe Terri xxx

  4. carlapersoon2014 says:

    So glad to be part of this awesome tribe. Love seeing all your art work.

  5. Iris says:

    Love being part of this group, it’s so inspiring! I know what you mean about feeling like this is for life. I really love that abstractish piece with the bird. Amazing shapes and colours, really speaks to me!

  6. Honored to be part of your tribe!

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